Urban Hippie Vibe

by Changing Scene

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released July 1, 2014

Changing Scene is:
JP Mudd - Drums
Chris Hoepfl - Guitar, Vocals
Juan Caero-Flores - Bass
Caleb Hoepfl - Guitar
Matt "Weatherman" Weathersby - Trumpet

All songs written by Changing Scene
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Belly Acres Studio
Special Thanks to Darren Guzzone



all rights reserved


Changing Scene La Plata, Maryland

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Track Name: Back to the Mountain
The fevers not breaking. It's keeping its grip on me.
So, whoever bears my first-born child, you make sure he's not like me.
Give it a "one, two, you tie up my shoe."
You do it for yourself and then you tell me it's not right.

Everybody needs a wake-up call before they go and they lose it all, kinda like me.
Soon, ya'll ain't gonna recognize me at all.
I'm going back to the mountain, where I don't belong.

It doesn't matter who you are - if you've been good to me, I'm gonna be good to you.
But when you look at me like that, I still don't know what to say.

It sounds like you need a wake-up call.
Track Name: Ruby, Baby
Ruby, Baby
We could help each other out
But if that thought's a crime, the fault's all mine
I'll take it back right now
Ruby, Baby
You've got not so much to say
Baby that's just fine
The pleasure's mine
I'll wait on you all day

Ruby, Baby
Dwells in 1984
On a Telescreen, she's deemed a queen
The proles are staying sore
Ruby, Baby
You're my beacon when you shine
Through the past I'll climb, I'll travel time
To see that you have died
Track Name: Turning Over
Days are passing and I still get lonely
So my Grandfather told me that he'd have to show me
A few cheap tricks he's got from all his years
To do the best that I can and make the best while I'm here.

I'm turning over
Might as well turn it over

My Momma told me I was something special
Momma take me back because I've been such a fool
So I told my father I could make things easy
What a shame, it's real sad
I don't think he believes me
Track Name: Aly Went Home
Aly went home again
Though I don't know where she went
And one thing about that girl, she tends to worry me, alright
Because she drinks like a fiend
Yeah, she's a fiend like the night
So long as someone else is driving, being a simple delight

And Aly came in again
And I said
"Aly, come on, tell me where you been"
And she says
"Life's so hard. If I'm only living once, I'm living to die.
So I'm gonna drink like a fiend
Yeah, I'm a fiend like the night
So long as someone else is driving, then I'm leaving tonight."

Aly come on home.